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In the afternoon of December 16th, 2015, talkshow “Learning opporturnity in tourism industry and the tour guide tranining project 2016” held by the Youth Union of the Faculty of Tourism Studies in cooperation with Responsible Tourism Club and the Receptionist Club. The event was took place at the second-floor hall, Building H, University of Social Science and Humanities (Hanoi National University).


The purpose of the talkshow was to support the student having passion and enthusiam in tour guides in order to increase the output quality of tourism student; to meet the demand of tour guide in tourism companies; to help the students have the opportunity to be properly trained in a responsible and ethical working asmostphere; to share the reality and experiences of the professional tour guides; to help the induviduals to have the chance to cooperate or become an employee of company qualified by RTC.


Participants attending the talkshow were Dr. Pham Hong Long (The Dean of the Falcuty), Dr. Nguyen Quang Vinh (The Deputy of the Faculty), Ms. Nguyen Thuy Duong (Vice – Director of Evivatour, President of RTC), members of RTC and students.  


The other issues discussed at the talkshow were: choosing to develop inbound or outbound tourism, advantages and disadvantages of female tour guide, management and sale skills, etc.


In addition, RTC would like to give the students the opporturnity to participate in RTC’s tour guide training program as well as to intern at the member companies of RTC. This was a prospective career opportunity for the students of University of Social Science and Humanities, especially the third and forth year students.


The following shows several pictures of the talkshow:

(Ảnh: CLB Truyền thông)

Communication club


(Ảnh: CLB Truyền thông)

Communication club


(Ảnh: CLB Truyền thông)

Communication club




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