Gameshow “Suc manh Nhan Van” (Nhan Van Power)

Thursday - 19/10/2017 11:24

Gameshow “Suc manh Nhan Van” (Nhan Van Power) – on the occasion the 86th anniversary of the founding of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union has been successful.

Yesterday, On the morning of March 25th, 2017 Student Union – Student Association of Faculty of Tourism has organized the Gameshow "Suc manh Nhan Van" – on the occasion of the 86th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and attracted nearly 200 unionists, students participated, made an eventful atmosphere.

It took place at the C500 Stadium - Human's Security Academy. Everything was organized quickly and most of the students also appeared very early with a spirit of excitement.

MC opened Gameshow "Suc manh Nhan Van”

Ms. Vu Huong Lan - Vice president of Faculty of Tourism Studies stated the opening speech ofGameshow

The Gameshow ran through three teambuilding activities: Tu hao Nhan Van (Nhan Van Proud), Toi la thanh nien (I'm a Youth) (included small Games for Mentality, Social Activities, and Homeland Defense) and Suc manh Nhan Van (Nhan Van Power) - built on the power of youth and simulate social activities, patriotism and country pride. The  students to splash out their best to overcome the game with their team by connecting and accomplishing together in order to get the goal of winning.

Team made effort to get through the challenges to win

After the efforts to overcome the games and assert the solidarity and combination with each other effectively, the Green team is the outstanding team won the final and received the support from all other teams.

Green team won the final – emphasized the high solidarity

The "Nhan Van Power" Gameshow has been successful in creating an useful playground for students after stressful hours in classes. All activities demanded high solidarity in team-working, consolidated the engagement and combination with each other. Moreover, the success of the program affirms the spirit and youth of younger from the Faculty of Tourism Studies in the celebration of the 86th anniversary of the founding of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union that delegation of the University of Social Science and Humanity, Vietnam University launched.

Faculty of Tourism Studies lined-up USSH shape

To achieved the success of the Gameshow is thanks to the support and sponsore for organizer:

Giving sincerely thanks to the units who have sponsored the "Humanity Gameshow" for the success of Gameshow.

Other pictures from the show:


Author: Author: Bá Linh - Phạm Thịnh/ Transalator: Trung Dương

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