Faculty of Tourism students on Vietnamese Teacher’s day

Thursday - 19/10/2017 11:14

On November 18th, students of K58 Event major – Faculty of Tourism Studies together with Association of Tourism Faculty, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi National University successfully held a ceremony called "Teacher, where are you going" to express gratitutes to teachers on Vietnamese Teacher’s Day. In gratitude for such tremendous contributions of the teachers, the K58 Event major students, as long as many other students of the Faculty, organized the program: "Teacher, where are you going?" The program is organized by the students to honor the great work of the respectful teachers in the Faculty

To begin with, Doctor Pham Hong Long, Dean of Tourism Studies, on behalf of all teachers, sincerely expressed his thankfulness to all of the alumni and students of the Faculty as well as gratitude to former teachers who have contributed to the Faculty since the beginning of the Faculty of Tourism Studies.

The ceremony created many impressive and unforgettable moments with special magic performances by student Nguyen Hoang Tung K61, the song “The teacher” of K61 students, and the musical "Great Journey" which recorded a student’s four years time of being a Tourism student since his first entering the lecture hall until his graduation. The most impressive performance to all the audiences in the room was a video about generations of students sharing their most impressive memories about Faculty and faculty lecturers. All of the performances were fulfilled by the love of all of the students to the teachers.

At the end of the ceremony, representatives of the courses gave flowers and presents to the teachers for their contributions.

The ceremony was short but it brought a lot of emotions to all the teachers and students.

Below are some pictures of the ceremony:


Please click on the following link for more pictures of the ceremony:

Tin bài + Ảnh: Hoàng Hiền + Minh Trang (K58 Du lịch học)

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