CH14 Class participated in surveying the development of Spiritual Tourism in Lang Son, February 2017

Thursday - 19/10/2017 11:20

In recent years, Vietnam tourism has step by step oriented and identified Spiritual Tourism’s product is a great product needing to be oriented and invested to attract tourists. Spiritual Tourism has existed a long time ago in every level since the pilgrimage, worship, religious activity and religious practice has attracted enormous numbers of visitors on Spring and the peak of the first three months festival of the year.

CH14 Class has members who are state management officials and tour operators who used to and now are closely monitoring the construction projects, seminars, convention, farm trip about Spiritual Tourism orientation from 2013 to now.

On 22-23.2.2017, following by the invitation of Lang Son Tourism Promotion Center, Class CH14 with the guidance of Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Pham Hung had a trip to survey, study, participate in the Conference of Spiritual Tourism promotion at Lang Son (within the area of Management Culture and Tourism Business subject).

With the framework of the trip, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lang Son, Lang Son Tourism Promotion Center took the group to visit some Lang Son’s Spiritual Tourism Attractions. In the recent years, Lang Son, beside the strength of cross-border tourism, having China tourists at border gates, Spiritual Tourism, especially Spiritual Tourism for business and trade is kind of developing. Lang Son tourism is step by step and forming the Spiritual Tourist routes to connect and promote attracting visitors come to Lang Son. At the Spiritual Tourism conference, Leaders of the province and the Department of Lang Son Tourism also appreciated the contributing comments of experts and travel businesses with the desire to build tourist destinations characterized spirituality, creed.

Attractive destination like Tan Thanh Pagoda was built in 2015 with an area of 21 hectares which is the head of Vietnam-China border marks and also the mark of culture and spirit of Vietnamese people. Beside the shrine of the Buddha, Tan Thanh Pagoda also has the altar of the Mother and Holy Trinity, which are the unique cultures of the Vietnamese people particularly. That’s the message of compassion, charity, sincerity, friendship and desire to come together for the development Vietnamese people with friends in regional and international.

Other attractions such as Mau Dong Dang Temple, Tam Giao Pagoda- Nhi Thanh Cave, Tam Thanh Pagoda, Ky Cung Temple, Ta Phu Temple ... are also spiritual tourist destinations attracting visitors for many years. They are also included in the new route system to keep visitors coming to Lang country.

The survey trip of CH14 in spring of 2017 has been very successful. The delegation also had the opportunity to participate in the Ky Cung Temple - Ta Phu Temple festival, this is one of the largest festivals in the early spring of Lang Son, joined in the same atmosphere with tourists and Lang Son citizens. Lang Son people especially worship this faith activity, a lot people together dedicate the huge pigs, with the highest respect. Lang Son is worthy and having potential to Spiritual Tourism promising to be an attractive destination for visitors in the near future.

Here is some photos of the trip:


News + Pictures: Trân Trọng Lưu C14 student


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