Seminar "Opportunities for learning in Tourism and Training tour guide Project 2016"

Thursday - 19/10/2017 10:43

This afternoon on December 16 2015, the seminar "Opportunities for learning in Tourism and Training tour guide Project in 2016" was held by the Students Union - Students Association of Faculty of Tourism Studies, Responsible Tourism Club for RTC and Garnet Reception Club at the 2nd floor H Building, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNU).

The seminar was organized to support students who are enthusiastic about the Tourism, contribute to the ability of tourism students; meet the needs of tour guides for companies; support students who are properly trained in the ethical and responsible work environment; share the reality and experience of professional guides; support individuals with RTC's direction.

(Ảnh: CLB Truyền thông)

Attending the seminar, there were the presence of Dr. Pham Hong Long (Dean of Faculty of Tourism Studies), Dr. Nguyen Quang Vinh (Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Tourism Studies), Ms Nguyen Thuy Duong (Deputy Director of Evivat Vietnam, Chairman of RTC), Representatives of RTC and Tourism students.

At the seminar, the experts and guests had many sharing of experience as well as difficulties on the way to develop the tourism, then answered questions and adviced for members - students interested in this field. Dr. Nguyen Quang Vinh said: "The weakness of the USSH students is to think but not to do, so we have to change right now, action from the smallest things". Mr. Vuong Lien Duong (Director of Indochina Charm Company - Head of RTC Training) also agree with this idea, said that: "Three factors which determine the success of students, is sacrifice, enthusiasm and love your career  "- This is the general answer to students' questions such as how to be good tour guide or how I can work in large companies...

(Ảnh: CLB Truyền thông)


Other issues are discussed such as the choice of domestic or foreign tourism development, the difficulties and advantages of female tour guides, sales and management skills, and so on. The common opinion of the travel business is that if you want to be successful, you must determine your goals in the future and then choose the fastest way. To reach that goal - students need to constantly practice and work so that today must be more effective than yesterday.

(Ảnh: CLB Truyền thông)

Through the seminar, the RTC wants to create conditions for students to participate in RTC training programs, as well as practice at RTC member companies. This is a great opportunity for students of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, especially those in the third, fourth year.

Credit: Quote from "Website of Ho Chi Minh Youth Union - Vietnam Students Association":


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