Looking back 25 years in the Tourism industry

Thursday - 19/10/2017 10:05

Author: Trần Đức Thanh

Translator: Trung Dương

LTS: These days, teachers and students from Faculty of Tourism Studies  - University of Social Science and Humanity, Vietnam National University are anxiously preparing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Faculty. Travel Newspaper would like to extract some writings of Associate Prof. Tran Duc Thanh, former Dean of Tourism Studies on the memory of the establishment of the Faculty.

Training Seminar on Mastering Tourism - Photographic Material

In the early 1990s, when Vietnam tourism was born, the activities had attracted the attention of many sectors, many individuals. The need for tourism training appears as an objective reality. But at that time, there were no universities in Vietnam in general, in Hanoi in particular, had programs to train human resources for tourism. After consulting with experts including Mr. Hoang Thieu Son, the leading geographer of Vietnam, had been encouraged by the Board of Rectors of Hanoi University, especially Tran Van Nhung, I developed and implemented the Geography Tourism Extension training program. In just over a month, from August 28, 1992 to October 5, 1992, the program was completed. The first class, on October 13, 1992, had 161 students enrolled.

Knowing  that the General University opened the Faculty of Tourism Studies, the teachers of the Vietnam Tourism School (known as the Hotel Business School, the predecessor of Hanoi Tourism College) were very enthusiastic in their support. Mr. Mai Khôi gave courses on hotels, restaurants, Ms. Khanh, Ms. Vui willing to refuse large contracts to teach students in the hospitality industry. Mr. Hoang Thieu Son always devotes a lot of time to suggestions for orientation, organizing training, directly teaching class and practical field with students. He became soul, pride For all students of the first Geography class tourism. Mr. Pham Hong Chuong studied in the UK also take on some subjects. Mr. Chuc - Director of C500, Mr. Ha Thanh Hai - Deputy General Director of Sofitel Metropole Hanoi, Mr. Do Dinh Cuong - Director of Vinatour, Mr. Nguyen Cuong Hien, Mr. Tran Van Mau in Vietnamtourism Hanoi ... are adviser, regular attendant of the school. Nguyen Cuong Hien's "Guide to Travel", "101 scenarios for tour guides" was shared by many generations of students. Mr. Tran Van Mau has spent a lot of time compiling a number of books such as "Organization service of tourism services", "Tourism guide business" ...

Dr. Le Nhat Thuc, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Tuan Canh, Heads of Research Institute for Tourism Development enthusiastically supported the opening of tourism training at Hanoi University. I also received the enthusiastic help of my colleagues at the Institute such as Mr. Pham Trung Luong, Mr. Truong Sy Vinh, Mr. Le Van Minh, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Ms. Bich San, one of the participants in writing books on tourism such as "Vietnam Tourism Year 1990", "Vietnam Travel Guide" ...

With the administration of tourism training, I have been acquainted with many teachers of History, Literature, etc. The wide knowledge, wisdom and enthusiasm have made the lectures "World Civilizations" of teacher Nguyen Anh, Sino - Nom of Le Anh Tuan, Religion of Mr. Pham Quang Hung ... became attractive to all students. Nguyen Hung Vi's folk literature classes are fun because students are singing lyrical folk songs and enjoying the humorous poems of the teacher. Han Van Khan is very caring about the values of the archeological sites for students to explain to guests in the most attractive way.

In the academic year 1993-1994, the school decided to establish the Tourism Training Administration Board headed by Prof. Tran Quoc Vuong as its head, Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vi Dan as its Vice Chairman and I became permanent secretary. After reviewing the school's curriculum and proposal, the Ministry of Education and Training has allowed the School to undertake regular non-formal study tours from 1993-1994. In October 1995, the Faculty of Tourism Studies was officially established. From here, the training of Faculty of Tourism Stidies for students at the University of Social Sciences and Humanity had moved to a new page. 

At first, there were only 4 faculty members from the fields of Geography, History, Literature, etc. However, after all the time, all members have oriented their old majors to travel ...

Mr. Tran Quoc Vuong explores the direction of tourism culture, Mr. Dinh Trung Kien, with its broad history and agility, has become a leader in the travel industry. I specialized in tourism geography, tourism maps, ecotourism. The Faculty has the support of many experts such as Dr. Nguyen Van Luu, Dr. Trinh Xuan Dung, Associate Professor Nguyen Van Dinh ... as well as a number of teachers teaching tourism in the school friends, such as Assoc. Minh Tue, Assoc. Prof. Tran Hau Thu, a teacher, a great tree among the trainers on tourism in Vietnam.

The success of the first courses is a great pride and encouragement to the faculty and faculty members. Colleagues in the faculty have increased rapidly, many of whom are lecturers from other training institutions such as Thuyet, Que, Hung, Ha, Yen, and Su; Some are graduates from other schools such as To Long teacher, Quang Vinh teacher, Ngoc Anh teacher; Many faculty members have been retained as instructors such as Do Long, Le Anh, Thu Thuy, Hong Long and Tran Hoa. Until now, the official staff of the faculty has 19 people, all have postgraduate qualifications. Most masters are trainee. I feel very proud because the department has such a strong cadre.

Currently, in addition to two regular undergraduate programs in the field of tourism and travel management and hotel management, the faculty also takes double classes, business classes, short-term classes. In particular, the Faculty is proud to be the only one in the country to train tourism masters since 2003. According to plan, in 2016, the University of Social Sciences and Humanity will begin the PhD training program.

After 25 years of getting into the industry, I am proud that i made the right decision. I’m also happy and proud of the developments of the Vietnamese Tourism industry, I am delighted and proud of the progress of the Faculty of Tourism Studies, my colleagues, the growth of all students, Graduate student from the Faculty of Tourism, University of Social Sciences and Humanity, Vietnam National University.

Author: Trần Đức Thanh



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