Tuyển dụng từ EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM 3/2018

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Eviva Tour Vietnam is looking for 01 candidate for the full-time positions of Inbound Visa Executive. 
* High monthly income depending on your efforts and capacity (including salary, monthly incentive, 13th-month salary, bonus for national holidays, etc) 
* Government social and health insurance 
* Annual medical check-up at international standard hospital 
* Annual summer holiday at 4-5 star resorts 
* Professional, friendly and caring working environment 
* Green, elegant office with modern working facilities
* Flexible working time and more time for family 
* Chances to travel and inspect destinations inside Vietnam 
* Great promotion chances and training (working and personality skills)

Job Description 
* Deal with Inbound Visa daily work 
* Daily sales calls for Inbound Visa 
* Blog assignments 
* Social Media involvement 
* Others

Skills and Qualities Required 
* Proficient English 
* Precise, careful, punctual 
* Smart, quick learner and excellent interpersonal and computer skills 
* Sales or telesales experience 
* Personalities: Active, self-confident, eager to learn and self-motivated 
* Second and third-year students are priority 
* Good teamwork and responsible 
* Commit to work at least 1 year

If you want to be our colleague, please send your CV and cover letter in English by email at the latest of 08 March 2018. 
Email to: Ms.Ha at op1@evivatour.com.vn, +84 24 3942 6585, ext 417.
Get more details at: http://www.evivatour.com/about-us/vacancy/

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