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Thứ hai - 15/01/2018 11:24

EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM is looking for looking for 2 candidates for the full-time positions of Visa Inbound

• High monthly income depending on your efforts and capacity (including salary, monthly incentive, 13th-month salary, bonus for national holidays, etc)
• Government social and health insurance
• Annual medical check-up at international standard hospital
• Annual summer holiday at 4-5 star resorts
• Professional, friendly and caring working environment
• Green, elegant office with modern working facilities
• Flexible working time and more time for family
• Chances to travel and inspect destinations inside Vietnam
• Great promotion chances and training (working and personality skills)

Otherwise, when working at EVIVA you will be a part of a nice and friendly environment. We have a green & clean office, responsible products, CSR activities, community development work and others are among our main responsible activities.
If you want to be our colleague, Please send your CV and cover letter in English by email at the latest of 15 January 2017. 
Email to: Ms.Ha at, +84 24 3942 6585, ext 417.
Get more details at:

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