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Harmonizing with the atmosphere of the Teacher Appreciation Day of Vietnam on November 20th, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union - the Associated Organ of Vietnamese Student's Association of the Department of Tourism Studies in general and the Youth Union of K56 in particular organized a Teacher appreciation ceremony called Happy Teacher's Day 20/11 on the 5th floor of the B building at the university.

The ceremony was attended by the former teachers who were dedicated to the teaching career leading students to the new horizon of knowledge, the former students of the Department of Tourism Studies, the teachers as well as the students of all courses, who are studying and working at the university.


The creativity of the class K56 in the program with the concept of "wishes bottle" gave the teacher happiness and ineffable thrill. Each student wrote their best wishes in the beautifully decorated cards which were then putted in lovely glass jars and sent to each teachers.


In the program there were fun and typically student-like activities such as performing the flash mob dance of the songs "Con chim non" (the young bird), "Nhung bong hong nho" (the tiny red roses), as well as of the songs showing student's gratitude to the teachers as well as the university, especially there were video clips made by classes K56, K57, K58 and K59, which carry many feelings of the students for the teachers.


Besides, the teacher who are still teaching at the university also sent their deep gratitude to the former ones who had effortlessly contributed to build up the present Department of Tourism Studies which is increasingly stronger and more active in getting ahead of the duties and special missions of the university leading in tourism training.


The program was the gift from the last year students of the class K56 spent for their teachers. It ended with special emotions and with a promise that in every year in the future, the teacher appreciation day of the Department of Tourism Studies would become annual and regular with the creativity and newness of the following classes. The program was also one of the beginning activities marking the events chain of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Department of Tourism Studies, which will be held in 2015.



The following are some photos of the program:








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