Practical tour of K61 Travel Management Student

Thursday - 25/01/2018 16:08

With the approval of the Board of Deans, together with the support and encouragement of Associate Professor Tran Duc Thanh, on April 22, 2017, k61 travel management made a practical trip to Quang Ninh. This trip was a hands-on activity in the content of Tourism Geography. This was accompanied  the class by TS. Tran Thi Mai Hoa, lecturer of faculty.

With the motto "Travel is the combination of knowledge in books and knowledge in the field", the trip creates opportunities for students to get acquainted with and practice travel. In preparation for the trip, the K61 class is divided into specialized departments in charge of various tasks, including administration, booking, ticketing, catering, logistics and present board. The professional boards under the supervision of the board of directors operate smoothly, cooperate well with each other. However, since this is the first time, there are no mistakes, and in times of difficulty, the class always receives enthusiastic support from faculty members. Moreover, the class also received a lot of consultancy in the organization of Ms. Nhu Thi Ngan - General Director of Hanoi tourism together with some assistance of the k58 class.

The itinerary started at 6:15 am on April 22nd, and the specialist teams were working very early to provide information on the destination for everyone.

The first stop is the Ba Vang Pagoda, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh Province - the mountain temple has the largest main hall of record in Vietnam in 2014. Here a lot of knowledge of geography and history has been  learned  and took notes.


Class K61 Travel management took a photograph at Ba Vang Pagoda

The next point of interest is the Quang Ninh Museum - a unique, impressive design inspired by coal of the Spanish architect. The museum provides students with knowledge in a variety of fields to help students have a multidimensional view of the world around them.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy - Board of explanation, taking the role of lecturer about Quang Ninh Museum


The students listened attentively at the Quang Ninh Museum

The next destination in the journey is Ha Long Bay - a natural wonder of the world, in addition , this is also the main provider of information geological geomorphology for the subject of tourism geography.

Dr. Tran Thi Mai Hoa took a photo with the monitor of  K61 Travel management

Souvenir photo of k61 travel management in Ha long bay

The actual journey of k61 Travel in two days had been successful with many things to learn about both professional knowledge and travel business, in addition , it help to bring the classmate together  , help people become closer. This will be the stepping stone for people to step on their chosen path, becoming a travel agent.

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