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Traveling, especially traveling abroad, has become an increasingly common demand in Vietnamese society. The long trip to foreign lands does not only bring visitors interesting experience but also help them forget chaos moments in life. However, visitors should be aware that the access to new people and new cultures will hardly bring few hassles or risks in their excursions. That is why we should think of buying travel insurance before you decide to make your journey.

Travel insurance is a form of insurance in which the insurance buyer is paid a portion or all of the damage caused by accident while traveling domestically or abroad. Travel insurance enables insurance buyers to get the guarantee when traveling in the event of delays, accidents or natural disasters which can not be predicted.

The Global travel insurance of the insurance company AIG Vietnam is one of the most-used insurance package today because of its insurance benefits which bring many values to the customers:

- Automatically extend the period of insurance when policyholders are encountered with out-of-control troubles.

- Protect policyholders when participating in amateur sports

- Pay policyholders for the expenses incurred in trip delays, interruptions or cancellation.

- Pay or subsidy policyholders for the medical costs amounted to 2.1 billion dong due to accidents during the trip.

- Insure with an amount of up to 6.3 billion dong for the rights of death due to accident.

- Pay for property loss due to fire occurred in the period of insurance during trips.

- Support policyholders in the event of being kidnapped as a hostage during the trip in foreign countries.

- Not exclude the cases of terrorism.

The Global Travel Insurance of AIG includes many programs that suit the variable needs of the customer.


- Insurance of each trip: Including 1 or 2 adults accompanied with unlimited number of children. The two adults unnecessarily have to have a kinship but each child must be a relative of either one or two adults mentioned above.

- Annual Insurance: Applied for a legally married couple with all of their legally recognized children.


- Insurance of each trip: The maximum period covered for each trip does not exceed 183 days.

- Annual Insurance: Unlimited number of trips of the policyholders during the contract period. The maximum period covered for each trip is 90 days.

Safety while being abroad has become a top concern of tourists in a complex world. Travel insurance is always an essential and cost-effective solution for the peace of your mind so that you can comfortably enjoy the trip.


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