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The Faculty of Tourism Studies provides two main courses:

   - Bachelor in Travel Services and Tourism Management

   - Bachelor in Hospitality Management * 


 In particular, the training program for bachelor in Travel Services and Tourism Management are classified into 02 disciplines, which are:

   - Tourism Management

   - Events Management


Students attend the Bachelor program during four years (eight semesters), with 46 subjects corresponding to 134 credits in the proportion of required subjects and electives. The course can last longer in the case of students going for internships abroad under the program of the Faculty.


The first year in the university will introduce students with the principles, general knowledge about economic, politic, culture, society and applied sciences in the field of tourism. Thereby, they initially form logical thinking, scientific thinking, and getting used to the new learning environment.


Into the second year, students continue to cultivate their knowledge in applied sciences in tourism and some basic knowledge disciplines in tourism, hospitality and events. The studies of typical cases and short-day field trips will be combined beside class lecture activities. The division of study major will be carried out from the 4th semester and students are free to register. At the end of the second year, students can register for the internship program provided by the Faculty.


The third year will equip students with in-depth knowledge in the field of tourism science and tourism science research. Students will have the opportunities to meet and attend experience exchange meeting with experts, managers and directors of enterprises; to practice research skills through group exercises, essays, and student scientific research projects; and especially to participate in long-day field trips to tourism routes and destinations.


In the final year, in addition to cultivate more in-depth knowledge, students will participate in a specialized internship in selected major and a graduation internship at facilities and enterprises in the field of tourism, hospitality and events. The combination of learning and training will equip students with general knowledge and skills of tourism and management, creating a stepping stone for the success of the students after graduation.

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