Notification: Young Hoteliers Award 2015

Sunday - 22/11/2015 02:03
REGULATIONS Young Hoteliers Award 2015
1. The purpose of the contest
o Create a dynamic playing field, to the young professional can challenge, to assert yourself and have the opportunity to develop the necessary skills.
o Evoke creative, dynamic young workforce, apply new ideas, breakthrough for the development of tourism, Restaurants & Hotels.
o Formation of creative young workforce, increasing the efficiency and quality of training of human resources for the sector in the future.
o Promoting responsible tourism to young human resources for the sustainable development of the sector.
2. Time
The contest will take place from 05/04/2015 to end on 08/01/2015
3. Organizational Unit
Hoteliers Young Award in 2015 by the University of National Economics jointly organized by Network Travel, Restaurants & Hotels Vietnam and Ton Duc Thang University.
4. Content contest
Entries should express ideas and initiatives in the field of Tourism, Restaurants & Hotels, you can choose one of three themes:
o Business Ideas
o Initiatives and measures to improve the business performance of the enterprise
o The idea of ​​promoting Vietnam's tourism brand
5. Forms contest
o Registration of the contest in the form of groups, each group consisting of 3 members.
o Depending on the requirements of each round of competition will be different forms, including forms: making videos, writing proposals, presentations and debates.
6. Participants
All registered contestants participating in the contest must fulfill the following conditions:
o As citizens of Vietnam;
o As students aged 18 to 25 registered as of the entry submission.
In addition, the participating teams must have at least one student is attending formal training program in Tourism, Restaurants and Hotels Santai universities and colleges in Vietnam
7. The contents of the round
7.1. Preliminary Round: FROM 05/04/2015 TO 18/06/2015
Enroll and send submissions at the official website of the program (
Products tested:
Submit a video and a short description in the official website of the program ( to present their ideas.
Video length must not exceed 2 minutes 30 seconds and not exceed 100MB capacity, the format flv, mp4, wmv or mpeg.
A description of length not exceeding 150 words and pdf format.
Time to register and send the contest: from 04.05.2015 to 06.11.2015
The jury will choose the 20 most outstanding group of candidates to take part in Round 1.
7.2. ROUND 1: FROM 06/19/2015 TO 28/06/2015
Open the online voting for 20 of the 20 group video contestants in Round 1 at the official website of the program (
Term voted to end on 26/06/2015
The Organizing Committee will select the 10 best contestants groups based on an assessment of the jury and voted number to step directly into Round 2.
7.3. ROUND 2:
Products tested:
Send a copy of the scheme to implement the ideas that the group of candidates was presented in Round 1.
Scheme length not exceeding 15 A4 pages and pdf format.
The deadline for submitting the contest to end on 07/12/2015
The jury will select the 5 best candidate group to move on to the final round.
7.4. FINAL ROUND: 07/31/2015 AND 01/08/2015
5 groups selected candidates will participate in the final round (expected in Hanoi / Ho. Ho Chi Minh City) for 2 days 31/07/2015 and 01/08/2015.
Products tested:
Send a slideshow that candidate groups would use for presentations in the final night.
Deadline for sending to end on 28/07/2015 slideshow
The group will be presenting candidates and defend the ideas in the finale took place on 01.08.2015
End of competition in the finale, organizers will announce the final results of the evaluation of the jury and awarded.
8. The prize structure
01 First Prize: The value 310 million VND
o 07 day training course in Switzerland for 3 persons (including roundtrip airfare and accommodation costs)
o Training Management Co., Ltd. Management consulting HTM
o The program supports professional development (Hospitality One-Stop Development) within 1 year of the Network of Tourism, Restaurant & Hotel Vietnam
o VND 15,000,000 cash
01 Second prize: VND 80,000,000 Valuation
o Training of Elite START Hospitality Program Hospitality Group (certified by a training institute Hotels & Lodging USA)
o The program supports professional development (Hospitality One-Stop Development) within one year from Network Travel, Restaurant & Hotel Vietnam
o Voucher resort for 3 people in WINDFLOWER Beach Boutique Hotel Mui Ne
o VND 10,000,000 cash
01 Third prize: VND 70,000,000 Valuation
o Training of Elite START Hospitality Program Hospitality Group (certified by a training institute Hotels & Lodging USA)
o The program supports professional development (Hospitality One-Stop Development) within one year from Network Travel, Restaurant & Hotel Vietnam
o VND 5,000,000 cash
01 Award Accessories: Value 5,000,000 VND
Includes commemorative medals and gifts
9. Terms and conditions
o Ideas, innovation contest is the idea, the initiative group of contestants. Registrants group ideas and initiatives submitted must take responsibility and ensure that no violation of any intellectual property rights and also not to occur any disputes, complaints and grievances from parties third related ideas and initiatives to testing. If the occurrence of circumstances as described above, the organizers will not be responsible and have the full right kind of group related contestants from the competition at any time and revoke the prize (if any).
o Submissions of candidate group must not contain content that violates the habits and customs of Vietnam, insult, defame, libel or inciting others for political purposes, racism, bearing color religion, blasphemy, disturbing or threatening nature or violate the law.
o Group contestants agree that the organizing committee will have full power to transmit, display, publish the submissions and use of information and personal image of the candidate, in any form, by any means, at any time, including but not limited to online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, to promote activities for the Young Hoteliers promote the Award and / or the Tourism Network Project - Vietnam hotel.
o The group contestants Finals will be organizing committee sponsored travel expenses (grants are not applicable to the contestants are students abroad) and accommodation expenses during The final round took place.
o The organizers reserve the right to deduct personal income tax for the winners, according to the law of Vietnam. The group winners are solely responsible for the distribution of the prize (remaining after deduction of personal income tax, if any) between the group members.
o The object is not entitled to participate in the contest include: The relatives (brother, son, grandson of the jury members), the human resources manager of the contest.
o When there is a dispute, complaints occur among groups of students or between contestants, the organizers are parties may make their final decision.
o Depending on the nature of each assessment round, the organizing committee will decide the number and members of the jury for each round.
o In the event organizing committee detection of fraud in the contest in any form, related groups of contestants will be organizing committee disqualified immediately and withdraw the prize (if there any).

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