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Faculty of Tourism Studies - University of Social Science and Humanity is a national key institution providing training in tourism management and travel services. More than 15 years of establishment and development, The Faculty has gained a lot of achievements in the field of training, scientific research, and international cooperation.

More than 2000 regular students have studied at the Faculty, taught by a team of 20 experienced, passionate, and committed professionals. The program is designed in-depth with subjects in the field of tourism and complementary subjects, combining theory and practice to provide opportunities for students to integrate well into the working environment in tourism, hospitality, and event industry.

State-level and national-level scientific research projects presided over by faculty members have been highly appreciated by tourism organizations and experts. In addition, the Faculty of Tourism Studies is constantly innovating and improving teaching methods to adapt to the trend of international training and the development of travel industry. With a lot of experience and achievements in training and research, Faculty received the certificate of merit from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the Hanoi People's Committee and the Prime Minister.

The faculty has established good relationships with many schools with tourism education such as Toulouse Le Mirial University (France), Rikkyo University (Japan), Tourism School of Munich University of Applied Sciences ... through activities such as: exchange lecturers, students to teach and study; cooperate with the workshop; carry out joint projects. The Faculty works closely with stakeholders in the field of tourism science, including: travel businesses, researchers, and students. Building and developing relationships with key partners is the basis for the Faculty of Tourism to achieve academic, research and collaborative learning outcomes that will continue to be maintained.

Since its inception in 1995, the mission of training and retraining high quality human resources has always been associated with the name of the Faculty. Innovative teaching and research methods, with the help of a new skill-practice center, will help to improve the quality of teaching in the field of tourism - hotel - event in country and region.

The education program is tailored to the needs of students and the tourism market

Designing programs according to the needs of students is a priority of the Faculty. The courses will equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to help them succeed as managers, directors of travel businesses, hotels, and restaurants.

The current training programs of the Faculty include:

-Master of Tourism

- Bachelor of Hospitality Management in Travel and Tourism, in which students are selected 02 industry orientations:

* Travel Management

* Event Management

- Bachelor of Hospitality Management *

-Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Tourism Management, in which students are selected 03 industry orientations:

* Travel Management

* Event Management

* Hotel management

-Training Certificate Travel Guide


Innovation in teaching and learning

Faculty of Tourism Studies at the University of Social Science and Humanity is gradually innovating and innovating the international education approach in order to provide students with a dynamic learning environment and to maximize their capacity.


Meetings with managers, business managers, and experts are integrated into theoretical sessions that will help them broaden their understanding and reach deeper into the environment of travel, hospitality, and event.


In addition, the "Job Opportunities for Students" program is held every year to provide students with access to the labor market in tourism, hospitality, and events. By exchanging and listening to advice from distinguished guests who are successful businesspeople and professionals in the industry, students will gain experience in the after-school job application process, career orientation for the future as there are recruitment opportunities.




Another innovation is that regular students studying from the third semester to the seventh semester of the Faculty of Tourism can study a parallel second field from other faculties in the University of Social Sciences Humanities or from the University of Foreign Languages (VNU). Graduates will be awarded two independent bachelors corresponding to the two disciplines they attend.




Beginning in 2014, the Faculty of Tourism Studies develops more practice rooms for Travel, Hospitality, and Events to support the Faculty's research, teaching, and other teaching activities. Students will have the opportunity to improve their skills from basic to advance in the travel industry, presentations, events and some professional in hotel restaurants.




This is a comprehensive archive of teaching and reference materials in the field of tourism, hospitality, and events including textbooks, reference books, journals, scientific reports, dissertations, and resources whether the workshop. In addition, students can access more than 500 eBooks and travel related magazines related to travel, culture, cuisine, and hotels that the department is hosting. The Faculty of Materials is equipped with additional facilities for student seminars, discussions, and group work assignments.




The Faculty of Tourism Studies has established a cooperative relationship with many universities and international organizations, in which students exchange faculty members to study and receive international students. Units have close cooperation with the Faculty



Chiengmai University (Thailand) University of Missouri (United Kingdom) Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)

Rikkyo University (Japan) University of Toulouse (France) Guangxi University (China)

University of Munich (Germany) WWF WUSS (Canada)


Study with practice

The Faculty of Tourism Studies has determined that in a changing business environment, only knowledge or work experience alone is not enough to serve as a basis for students to build a long career in the tourist industry. courtyard. Therefore, the systems and training programs provided by the Faculty have a combination of cultivating knowledge and practicing skills through practical and field activities.

Each course, with nearly 200 students, will be offered hands-on training at the Faculty's practice rooms, in hotel chains and travel companies, or in the hospitality industry. luxury in Singapore. Students can also participate in practical practice at the tourist routes. The student's hands-on practice will be graded and graded by faculty as a subject in the program.


Scientific research and workshops

Teaching staff of the Faculty of Tourism Studies is actively involved in research activities in the field of tourism science. Many articles and research of staff are published widely in the journals on tourism nationally and internationally, and received many compliments for the quality of the article. In addition, faculty members participate in writing and presentations in international conferences on tourism.


Cadres in the Faculty have conducted two foreign projects on tourism environmental protection, chaired three themes with provinces, cities, two special themes at the national university, many themes at the level of VNU in Hanoi. Many research projects with the R & D Institute also have faculty members involved and are highly appreciated.


Fields that the department focuses on:

• Assess the impact of the tourism sector on the socio-economy of Vietnam

• Assessment of the status and impacts of ecotourism on destinations

• Human resource management and tourism human resource management

• Survey, evaluate the organization and management of festivals and special events in tourism

• Study tourism types: tourism, tourism, MICE tourism, creative tourism

• Study consumer behavior of typical tourist groups

• Branding for tourism products and destinations

• Study culinary tourism activities in Vietnam

• Study tourism culture, customs, practice


Scholarship Programs

  • Mitsubishi Scholarship
  • AEON Scholarship
  • Chung-soo Scholarship
  • Ponychung Scholarship
  • Shinnyo Scholarship

Besides, students include special situations, disadvantage, family policy,...will be also received financial support from School, Faculty and some cooprating companies.

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